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Nilans range of indoor climate solutions covers a wide field from ventilation- and heat recovery systems to compact total solutions which can both ventilate og heat recover, produce sanitary hot water, has comfort heating and comfort cooling plus heating of the home. Use the directory below to find the system-range that is able to fulfil your needs. 



Passiv varmegenvinding

Aktiv varmegenvinding

Komfort køl

Komfort varme

Produktion af varmt brugsvand

 Compact P                                                  
 Compact P XL  
 Compact P GEO        
 Compact P AIR 9
 Compact P AIR 9+
 Compact P EK        
 Compact S  
 Comfort CT150          
 Comfort CT200          
 Comfort CT300          
 Comfort CT500          
 Comfort 300 LR          
 Comfort 450          
 Comfort 200 Top          
 Comfort 252 Top          
 Comfort 302 Top          
 VPL 15        
 VPL 15 Top M2      
 VPL 28        
 Combi 302 Polar      
 Combi 302 Polar Top    
 Combi S 302 Polar Top    
 VP 18 M2       
 VP 18 M2 Cooling Solar    
 VP 18 M2 EK  
 VP 18 M2 Cooling Solar EK    
 VGU 180 EK        
 VGU 250          

Latest technology and long lifespan

Our systems are based on modern and innovative technology. This means that they will be just as operable in thirty years’ time as they are today. When you buy a Nilan system, you are guaranteed a product that is integrated into the building and will stand the test of time. Furthermore, it is highly efficient and cheap to maintain.

Many other systems do not have as long a lifespan as Nilan’s. Moreover, installing a system costs almost as much as the system itself. A cheap system is therefore not necessarily the best investment, because in the longer term you will have to buy a new system and pay for the installation once more.

A system for all forms of housing and needs

At Nilan, virtually nothing is impossible. We have a comprehensive range of systems to match all kinds of housing, from apartments, summer residences and old houses in need of restoration work to new buildings and passive houses. Our ventilation and heat pump systems can also be combined and adapted in many different ways, depending on your needs.

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