Sound flex

Flexible duct connection, with thermal-acoustic insulation.A simpel and easy connection between the unit and distribution manifolds. Is also useable between the unit and discharge air and outdoor air intake.

The perforated internal duct allows the insulating layer to damp and absorb the noise created in ventilation units. 

A protection film covers the insulating mat to avoid its erosion. Furthermore it limits the thermal exchange between the carried air and the external environment and avoids the formation of condensate during cooling.

Ø100 mm (length 6 m)
Ø125 mm (length 6 m)
Ø160 mm (length 8 m)
Ø200 mm (length 6 m)

Internal duct Perforated laminated aluminium-polyester
Anti erosion barrier Closed polyester film
Spiral Harmonic wire pitch 36 mm
Insulating material Glass wool thick 25 mm, density 16 kg/m3
External duct Laminated aluminium-polyester,
reinforced with glass fibre


Operating temperature -30 / 140 °C
Max. pressure 2500 Pa
Max. velocity 30 m/s
Min. bending radius 25 + (0,54 x Ø) mm

Sound data

Silencing 1 m tube

Sound data

Silencing 2 m tube

Sound data

Silencing 3 m tube

Pressure loss per meter

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