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Cold air in the summer and heated air in the winter

19-12-2016 | Combi Polar gives you ventilation plus comfort heating and cooling. This means that you during the summer can cool your home and heat it during the winter.

The Combi Polar is available – both as a horizontal version (Combi 302 Polar) and as a top version (Combi 302 Polar Top). These unique solutions cover even wider needs for ventilation, heating and cooling.

Combi Polar combines two heat recovery techniques, where a Combi Polar first recovers 85-95 % of the heat via the highly efficient counter flow exchanger. The residual energy is recovered via the unit’s heat pump, which is able to both heat and cool the supply air.

The heat pump makes it possible to cool the supply air in the summer by up to 12 °C. Due to the low air exchange, this does not function as an air conditioning unit, but cooling the supply air reduces its humidity, giving a more pleasant and comfortable climate inside the home, even when the indoor temperature is high.

In the winter Combi Polar can increase the temperature of the supply air to over 30°C which can be used for heating of low energy houses and to secure a regular high supply air in ordinary houses.

All Combi Polar units have a built-in pre-heating element for frost protection of the counterflow heat exchanger during the cold periods of the year, ensuring stable operation of the units all year.


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