Heat pumps recognised as the heating solution of the future

14-10-2010 | The Danish Commission on Climate Change Policy focuses on heat pumps as a key element in connection with the process of making Denmark independent of fossil fuels by 2050 in a newly published report.

In September 2010, the Danish Commission on Climate Change Policy published the report ‘Green Energy - the road to a Danish energy system without fossil fuels’. The commission’s purpose is to answer the question ‘How can Denmark become independent of fossil fuels by 2050?’ Consequently, the report presents 40 specific suggestions as to how Denmark can reach this goal, and the use of heat pumps as a primary heating source is pointed out to be a key element in this connection.

Long-awaited official approval of heat pumps

The report has been under its way for 2½ years and will have significant importance and lead the way for the future Danish energy and climate policy. In other words, the report’s focus on heat pumps means that they are now officially recognised as the ideal heating solution by a Danish official authority and therefore will constitute a much greater part of the typical heating solution in Danish homes from now on.

– As a representative of the Danish manufacturers of heat pumps, I have participated in the debate aiming to put them on the agenda as a realistic and not least environmentally and socially sensible replacement for fossil fuels for 30 years. The report and recommendation of the Danish Commission on Climate Change Policy that heat pumps need to be a focal subject in the process of restructuring the Danish energy consumption thereby provides a most welcome and long awaited, yet expected, official approval of them as the energy source of the future, says Torben Andersen, CEO at Nilan and Chairman of the Danish union of heat pump manufacturers, Varmepumpefabrikantforeningen (VPF). VPF aims to facilitate and promote research and development of heat pumps.

Heat pumps, electric cars, offshore wind turbines, biomass and an intelligent electrical system constitute the solution

According to the commission, heat pumps, electric cars, offshore wind turbines and an intelligent electrical system ought to constitute the primary energy sources in Denmark in the future. More specifically, heat pumps are pinpointed as the most appropriate primary heating solution of buildings, supplemented with district heating based on biomass, solar heating, heat pumps and geothermal energy, that is, the utilisation of the heat of the underground.

Learn more about Varmepumpefabrikantforeningen at (only available in Danish)

Read or download the report of the Danish Commission on Climate Change Policy at


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