Nilan receives internationally recognised passive house certification

01-11-2010 | Nilan has received the internationally recognised Passive House Certification for our Compact P system. We’re especially proud of this certification, as we're the third manufacturer of compact systems in the world to achieve this.

Monday 1 November 2010 saw the presentation of the internationally recognised Passive House Certification from the Passivhaus Institut (PHI) in Germany to Nilan for our compact system Compact P.

A compact system combines the technologies of active and passive heat recovery, ventilation, heating and cooling of a building, as well as heating of domestic water. With the certification, PHI recognises the Compact P system’s efficiency and thereby also its lucrative life cycle costs, high cost effectiveness and not least its high COP (Coefficient Of Performance), thereby giving the seal of approval for the system to be used in passive houses. Compact P is only the third compact system in the world to be given this recognition.

Took the best and made it perfect

More specifically, the certification shows that Compact P is accepted as a suitable solution for integration in passive houses, and that its efficiency does not need to be checked further by the construction team. In other words, the system can be installed in the house and its data integrated without further calculations and documentation in the energy calculation system forming the basis of the construction and of the house’s status as a passive house – a system that is developed by PHI. This simplifies the planning process and guarantees the product’s efficiency.

– We never cut corners. The Compact range’s key product was a candidate for the certification even before we decided to develop it further and upgraded it to Compact P. However, we wanted the certification to be assigned to a product that is not just good, but pushes back the boundaries. So we took a strong product and made it perfect. It took us two years, during which we implemented the improvements in the system as the work progressed, but it was worth the time and efforts, and we are very satisfied with the result, says Nilan’s Export & Marketing Director Peter Sønderskov.

Pat on the back by the institution leading the way in the low energy industry

PHI is an important actor in the market for low energy buildings, not least due to the fact that the institute created the passive house concept. PHI sets the standards as to what is required in terms of energy consumption in passive houses. The institute is thus also a trendsetter for future EU requirements for low energy buildings.

PHI’s work includes evaluating whether specific products are suitable as components in passive houses, based on accredited test results. A sign of approval from PHI therefore carries weight and emphasises the receiver’s ability to create solutions whose energy consumption places minimal strain on the environment and the owner’s heating bill.

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