New software version facilitates maintenance and control of Nilan solutions

21-12-2011 | The software of the CTS 602 controls has been updated in order to allow for easy maintenance and control of Nilan’s ventilation and climate solutions that come standard with this control – while at the same time prolonging the life of systems with a sanitary hot water tank.

Version 2.12 of the Nilan CTS 602 control software includes two new features: The possibility of creating and restoring a settings backup, and an anode alarm for solutions with a sanitary hot water tank that indicates when the sacrificial anode needs to be replaced.

Restore backup of settings at any given time

The new software version allows for the creation of a backup of a system’s settings at any given time. Consequently, it is always possible to restore a settings backup in connection with for example fault finding, and the risk of having to reconfigure all settings is eliminated.

From manual control to automatic alarm

The state of the sacrificial anode in the SHW tanks of systems with the CTS 602, that is, whether or not it has corroded to the point where it does not provides proper protection, no longer needs to be checked manually. Rather, an alarm in the display of the control panel will indicate when it is time to replace the anode. This ultimately means a longer lifespan of the tank, as the alarm will ensure maximum corrosion protection.

Affecting the most popular products

The new features apply to all models that come standard with the CTS 602 control: Our Comfort ranges (domestic and commercial), which combine balanced ventilation with heat recovery, and the total solution Compact P which are some our most popular products.


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