Boosted energy efficiency of all ground source and outdoor air heat pumps

05-12-2011 | All Nilan ground source and outdoor air heat pumps now come standard with low energy circulation pumps, resulting in an extensive reduction of up to 90% in the energy consumption of the circulation pumps.

All Nilan ventilation and heat pump systems can boast of making an extremely energy efficient indoor climate solution. Now, we have tightened the screws even more as all ground source and outdoor air heat pumps in the future come standard with low energy circulation pumps.

The low energy pumps bring a reduction in the energy consumption of up to 90% compared to traditional circulation pumps, which ultimately will lead to savings on the heating bill.

Taking quality one step further

In addition to the JVP SHW range that offers an already energy efficient heating solution for all homes, the passive house certified Compact P range is affected by this change to our product portfolio.

All Compact P models can be combined with either an outdoor air or a ground source heat pump, thus allowing for heating of the home in addition to the standard feature comfort heating. With the inclusion of the low energy circulation pumps, the quality of this compact solution, which has an energy consumption low enough for it to be passive house certified, has been taken one step further to the benefit of both our customers and the environment.

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