Nilan solution makes large renovation project energy-friendly

08-11-2011 | The restoration of a total of 201 terraced houses in Norway includes the installation of Nilan’s VPL 15 solution, resulting in not only a healthy indoor climate and a vastly reduced heating bill but also the possibility of cooling the homes.

Nilan's VPL solution provides 201 terraced houses with an immensely improved indoor climate

Nilan has received an order for a total of 201 VPL 15 systems through our Norwegian dealer, KVT, for a large renovation project aimed at optimising the energy friendliness, heating costs and indoor climate of just as many terraced houses in Bergen. The renovation started in June this year and is expected to be finished in April 2012.

With the installation of the VPL 15, each home will have balanced ventilation with heat recovery as well as the possibility of cooling the indoor air temperature in the summer period.

Energy efficient comfort and innovative technology

Nilan’s VPL 15 was chosen for the project over systems provided by major players in the Norwegian ventilation industry, despite the fact that it was not the most inexpensive solution.

The contractor heading the restoration project, Sørvent A/S, gave priority to finding the solution with the most innovative technology, future-proof energy efficiency and highest comfort, which is easily installed and can accommodate as many different wishes as there are systems – and found the VPL 15 to be the best ventilation solution to meet all of the above requirements.

– The ventilation and heat pump system VPL is the best ventilation solution there is. We supply quality and comfort, and this type of system can also cool in the summer, states Day-to-day Manager of Sørvent A/S Bård Bratsberg.

Turning the focus to a sound return of investment

It goes for the whole industry in Norway that contractors are becoming increasingly aware of and focused on not just minimising construction costs but also ensuring the customer a sound return of investment, which is a development Nilan welcomes:

– We have been advocating a new focus in the house building industry for quite a while, turning from the investment cost of ventilation solutions to the total life cycle cost. Ventilation systems such as the VPL are a considerable investment, but certainly worth the while in the long run due to their energy efficiency, explains Nilan Key Account Manager Finn Andreasen.

Source: Glava Kontakt nr. 3-2011 and Nilan

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