Ground source heat pump and SHW tank combined in a single solution

03-10-2011 | Nilan introduces a new product range, offering the possibility of combining our highly-effective ground source heat pumps with a sanitary hot water (SHW) tank in a single solution.

At Nilan, we constantly strive to ensure that our product assortment lives up to the development and needs of the market, and not least meets the varying needs of home owners and businesses.

This work has resulted in the improvement of one of our most popular product ranges, the JVP ground source heat pumps for domestic heating, leading to the range being replaced by the new and enhanced version JVP SHW.

Taking full benefit of the capacity of the heat pump

The major and only difference between the JVP SHW and JVP ranges lies in the fact that JVP SHW offers the possibility of connecting the heat pump unit to a sanitary hot water tank.

Accordingly, the heating capacity of the heat pump is not only used for space heating via a water-filled system, but also for production of sanitary hot water. This allows the end-user to fully benefit from the energy-efficient ground source solution, with a substantially reduced heating bill – up to 50 % – being a direct result of the cost savings this product entails.

Meeting each individual home’s heating needs

The models of the JVP SHW range vary in heating capacity from 5 to 15 kW. Furthermore, the SHW tank comes in two versions, depending on whether the end-user wishes to supplement the heating via for example fuel or solar panels, thus meeting the specific and varying heating needs of each home.

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