Nilan participates in the world’s fifth largest passive house construction project

12-09-2011 | On 1 September the first residents were given their keys to the new, energy-efficient apartments in Køge, Denmark, which form part of the first stage of the world’s fifth largest passive house project. The ground-breaking project is the result of a partnership between a number of players in the Danish construction industry who came together to demonstrate that Denmark is to be reckoned with at the forefront of energy-efficient residential housing. Nilan is one of these players as we provided the ventilation systems which have been a decisive factor in the success of the project.

The construction of extremely energy-efficient homes according to the international passive house standard is, as the name may seem to suggest, not something that only house owners can enjoy the benefits of. This has been proven with the construction of nine residential blocks for the housing association Køge Boligselskab which is now able to boast of being the world’s fifth largest passive house project and the largest public passive house project in Scandinavia.

A passive house dwelling differs from the norm by being extremely energy-efficient. Residents are not only ensured a healthy indoor climate and a healthier building without e.g. damp and mould fungus, but also a healthier bank balance as this type of building achieves significant savings on heating bills. With the project in Køge, Denmark has taken a huge step in the implementation of green ideas in the construction of larger building projects.

From passive house to ‘passive apartments’

The desire to transfer the passive house standard to apartment complexes was in no way unrealistic, but did, however, signify an alternative approach to this energy-efficient building method. It also meant that the contractor E. Pihl & Søn A/S involved a wide range of passive house experts in the process – from independent consultants to suppliers of passive house components.

Especially the ventilation system is a vital component in the construction of any passive house building. The homes are built to be very tight to ensure their ability to retain heat, and this requires that they are given help to breathe. At the same time ventilation systems with heat recovery, like the ones installed in the Køge project and supplied by Nilan, can reduce heat consumption even further as the heat from the extracted air is transferred to the injected air.

- A supplier who could provide partnership throughout the demanding process was required. Nilan was chosen because the company was the only credible supplier on the market, and they took the lead and worked on the systems right up to final testing over the course of ¾ years, says Site Manager Jacob Bauer from E. Pihl & Søn A/S.

A neglected source of job creation and reduction of CO2 emissions

Building energy-efficient family homes in Denmark has long been popular while apartment buildings have been ignored. According to Sales Director for Scandinavia Brian Hansen from Nilan, this means that society is not exploiting an obvious way of reducing Denmark’s CO2 emissions and creating more jobs in the Danish construction industry.

- If 30% of Denmark’s energy consumption is to come from sustainable sources by 2020, as is required by the EU Commission, this means that 75% of our homes must be converted to renewable energy which is something the passive house concept is able to do. If we are to be successful in this, we have to expand our focus to all types of housing, including apartment blocks – public and private housing, renovation projects and new-builds, says Brian Hansen.

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