Follow the energy efficiency of a newly built passive house online

09-05-2011 | The data on the energy consumption and production of a newly built passive house are now published online, enabling you to follow the energy efficiency of this type of housing construction. This includes Nilan’s ventilation and heat recovery solution VP 18 Compact that constitutes the respiratory organ of the house.

In the Austrian city Vösendorf sits a house that hardly can be said to waste its breath: Literally speaking as the house is built according to the passive house standard, making it so air-tight that there is a minimum of heat loss due to the minimal amount of air leaking out. Metaphorically speaking because everyone interested in passive houses can now follow the information it is able to share.

Adding Nilan’s VP 18 Compact that ventilates the very tight house mechanically as well as recovering the heat in the extract air to the equation results in a very energy efficient house. Just how efficient that is, you can see for yourself online at the newly launched website that presents data on the energy consumption and production of the house.

Strengthened knowledge on low-energy living

The house was completed in August 2010, and the energy consumption has been monitored ever since as it functions as a test house of the NovaHome project initiated by the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) and carried out in cooperation with Eaton GmbH and ELK Fertighaus AG.

The purpose of the project is to establish know-how and competences in relation to smart homes providing a secure and energy efficient every-day life for the residents. Consequently, the test house meets the very high standards of a passive house through its construction and the installation of the ventilation and heat recovery system. Furthermore, an innovative, intelligent software system controlling the daily operation of the ventilation and heat recovery system, among others, is installed.

Monitoring the home enables AIT and its collaborators to learn from the obtained data on energy efficiency, including the house’s ability to maintain a stable indoor temperature all year round.

The analysis of the data constitutes an important tool in the project’s research, and with the publication of the data on the website everyone else can watch from the sidelines. The data are updated on a daily basis and are presented in a simple and comprehensible manner, making the website worth a visit for non-specialists as well. 

Walking the talk

So far, the performance of the house by far lives up to the expectations despite the rather cold winter months, and the data offer a thorough insight into the day-to-day running and efficiency of a passive house. During the nearly nine months the house has existed, heating consumed approximately 3,000 kWh, which is a significantly smaller amount than the some 13,000 kWh a traditional house of the same size (159 m2) can be expected to consume.

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