Certification of Nilan system an important step in the right direction according to passive house expert

28-03-2011 | On 19 March, the founder of the passive house concept officially presented Nilan's recently conferred passive house certificate. Along with the certificate, there was a warm welcome to Nilan, now joining the team campaigning to promote the construction of passive houses.

From certification to future perspectives for the passive housing industry

Nilan's highly efficient compact system, the ventilation and heat recovery solution Compact P, received the passive house certification in November last year. On Friday, 19 March 2011, Peter Sønderskov, Nilan's Export Director, officially received the certificate from the German Passivhaus Institut (PHI), the leading institute in its field. The certificate was presented by the man who founded the passive house concept, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Feist. The presentation preceded several hours of dialogue on the future opportunities for and challenges facing the passive housing industry.

- We have supplied products and ideas for low-energy housing now for more than three decades. So thinking on these lines is not new to us. However, working in cooperation with a leading player like PHI will of course bring us completely new opportunities, and, not least, the chance to make our mark on innovation in our industry, says Peter Sønderskov.

Industrial players on the team

We are currently at a stage, where legislation in many countries is lagging behind, relative to the general focus on preserving the environment. And, at the same time, there is a widespread misconception that passive houses are too costly an investment. Wolfgang Feist demonstrated great willingness on his part to extend the dialogue between PHI and Nilan and other companies in the industry whose businesses are based on creating energy-saving products, in order to bring influence to bear on future developments.

In this way, the certification can create a fertile basis for rewarding cooperation which can pave the way for more eco-friendly housing. Through cooperation, the industry can optimise its production and create easy-to-install solutions, which, in the end, will make the systems far more cost-effective and attractive to a wider market.

Clearing the air

The task will be to make it common knowledge that passive houses can be constructed at a price matching the cost of building ordinary high-quality housing.

However, price will not become a key factor until contractors begin to think of passive housing as a real alternative. What is needed here is either more stringent legislation or a new attitude, as there is currently a widespread misconception that the de facto costs exceed savings. We need to clear the air – a task to which is Nilan is not completely alien – in a dusty construction sector. The way ahead is to conduct a dialogue in which all relevant parties are involved, including the public authorities.

Wolfgang Feist (left) and Peter Sønderskov in front of the certified system at ISH, the world's largest trade fair for energy-saving building and a very apt background for the presentation.
Wolfgang Feist (left) and Peter Sønderskov in front of the certified system at ISH, the world's largest trade fair for energy-saving building and a very apt background for the presentation. 

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