Who says you can’t teach old houses new tricks?

25-02-2011 | It is not just in new houses it is possible to optimise the consumption of energy used to heat the house and sanitary hot water. By means of the right renovation steps, you can reduce the energy consumption of old houses with up to 80%, thus ensuring it a place among the most energy-efficient homes.

In Denmark, more specifically in the city Kolding, sits a house built in the 70s that has been completely renovated to reduce the energy consumption. It is the pilot project of the Danish “Projekt Lavenergi” (Project Low Energy) whose purpose is to bring down the consumption of energy in old homes. One specific goal is that the renovated house only uses half as much energy as a standard house.

The treats you get from 25-40 years old energy-optimised homes are – among others – fewer constraints on the environment through a reduced consumption of fossil fuels and energy in general, a healthy indoor climate and a significantly reduced heating bill.

Energy savings of up to 80%

The energy savings for this type of renovation project can reach up to 80%. This is possible by insulating attics, replacing the facing insulation, windows and doors as well as optimising the heating source, among others. This allows for a minimal heat loss of the house, which means that it requires far less energy than before, and a comfortable temperature is maintained.

A Nilan compact system, VP 18 Compact UVP, has been installed in the house in Kolding. The solution ventilates and recovers the heat in the extracted and outdoor air and uses it to heat the home and the sanitary hot water. Thereby, VP 18 Compact UVP ensures a healthy indoor climate and a considerable reduction in the energy consumption, as the heat provided by the system comes from recovered energy rather than gas or oil.

14 experienced companies’ knowledge gathered under one roof

Projekt Lavenergi was initiated by the contractor company O. Adsbøll og Sønner A/S, who collaborates with 13 organisation, a large number of which are specialists in the energy field.

Besides having delivered the VP 18 Compact UVP, Nilan functions as consulting partner on the necessity of ventilation and heat recovery in private homes and not least the benefits that follow.

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