New software version facilitates maintenance and control of Nilan solutions

21-12-2011 | The software of the CTS 602 controls has been updated in order to allow for easy maintenance and control of Nilan’s ventilation and climate solutions that come standard with this control – while at the same time prolonging the life of systems with a sanitary hot water tank.

Annual accounts 2010/2011: Nilan A/S presents strong results once again

06-12-2011 | Despite the negative impact of the recession on the building sector and consequently also the ventilation and indoor climate industry, Nilan A/S closes this year’s annual accounts with satisfactory results, even though a number of investments, which are to ensure the company’s success in the future years, have been brought into the calculation.

Boosted energy efficiency of all ground source and outdoor air heat pumps

05-12-2011 | All Nilan ground source and outdoor air heat pumps now come standard with low energy circulation pumps, resulting in an extensive reduction of up to 90% in the energy consumption of the circulation pumps.

Nilan solution makes large renovation project energy-friendly

08-11-2011 | The restoration of a total of 201 terraced houses in Norway includes the installation of Nilan’s VPL 15 solution, resulting in not only a healthy indoor climate and a vastly reduced heating bill but also the possibility of cooling the homes.

New branches on the Nilan family tree

04-10-2011 | Three new Nilan dealers will in the future contribute to the internationalisation of Nilan.

Ground source heat pump and SHW tank combined in a single solution

03-10-2011 | Nilan introduces a new product range, offering the possibility of combining our highly-effective ground source heat pumps with a sanitary hot water (SHW) tank in a single solution.

Nilan participates in the world’s fifth largest passive house construction project

12-09-2011 | On 1 September the first residents were given their keys to the new, energy-efficient apartments in Køge, Denmark, which form part of the first stage of the world’s fifth largest passive house project. The ground-breaking project is the result of a partnership between a number of players in the Danish construction industry who came together to demonstrate that Denmark is to be reckoned with at the forefront of energy-efficient residential housing. Nilan is one of these players as we provided the ventilation systems which have been a decisive factor in the success of the project.

Study proves compact systems to be the optimal heating solution for passive houses

10-06-2011 | The International Passive House Association iPHA has published a report comparing various types of heating solutions for passive houses, proving that compact systems are the optimal choice.

Follow the energy efficiency of a newly built passive house online

09-05-2011 | The data on the energy consumption and production of a newly built passive house are now published online, enabling you to follow the energy efficiency of this type of housing construction. This includes Nilan’s ventilation and heat recovery solution VP 18 Compact that constitutes the respiratory organ of the house.

Certification of Nilan system an important step in the right direction according to passive house expert

28-03-2011 | On 19 March, the founder of the passive house concept officially presented Nilan's recently conferred passive house certificate. Along with the certificate, there was a warm welcome to Nilan, now joining the team campaigning to promote the construction of passive houses.

Who says you can’t teach old houses new tricks?

25-02-2011 | It is not just in new houses it is possible to optimise the consumption of energy used to heat the house and sanitary hot water. By means of the right renovation steps, you can reduce the energy consumption of old houses with up to 80%, thus ensuring it a place among the most energy-efficient homes.

125 + 70 systems = well on the way to energy-friendly social housing

01-02-2011 | Nilan’s VP 18 Compact is chosen as the ventilation and heat recovery solution for Denmark’s largest low-energy social housing construction project. With a new order for 70 systems, a total of 195 have been earmarked for the project so far – and these are only the first figures in that equation.

Once again Nilan is assigned the highest credit rating

16-11-2010 | Nilan was recently assigned the highest possible credit rating, AAA, by the international credit rating agency Soliditet.

Nilan receives internationally recognised passive house certification

01-11-2010 | Nilan has received the internationally recognised Passive House Certification for our Compact P system. We’re especially proud of this certification, as we're the third manufacturer of compact systems in the world to achieve this.

Heat pumps recognised as the heating solution of the future

14-10-2010 | The Danish Commission on Climate Change Policy focuses on heat pumps as a key element in connection with the process of making Denmark independent of fossil fuels by 2050 in a newly published report.

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