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Control the ventilation and heat pump directly from the mobile phone

15-03-2021 | Nilan has developed a new APP with great features where the user can control the ventilation and heat pump directly from the mobile phone.

Retrofitting buildings to Irish NZEB standard using Nilan Compact P

23-08-2019 | Project in Dublin, Ireland has set the standard of retrofitting social housing block to passive house standard.

89 Compact P for project in Holland ”Waterrijk Oesterdam - Bouw Harbourbeachclub”

05-04-2019 | Nilan delivers 89 Compact P to a five star Spa and Golf resort in Holland.

New HMI touch panel ready for Comfort units

19-12-2018 | Nilan is currently launching a new user friendly HMI touch panel which will become a standard part of Comfort units with CTS 602 control system.

Nilan was awarded the Klimahaus certificate

18-04-2018 | The Klimahaus certificate intends to provide the user with information of how to choose the right ventilation solution

New and improved residential ventilation unit with an energy label certification of A+

21-02-2018 | Comfort 252 Top meets present and future demands for low energy consumption and costs. Now also available as a left version.

Nilan A/S achieves Smart Grid certificate

08-12-2017 | The Compact P, Compact P GEO and Compact P AIR are all Smart Grid ready

Be inspired by new and interesting projects

21-06-2017 | A major housing project along Aalborg’s central waterfront and low-energy, terraced homes, built in one of the best locations in Hastings, England

Projects from all over the world

19-04-2017 | Energy friendly construction and exciting new projects with Nilan ventilation units.

Visit Nilan at the ISH fair

12-03-2017 | Nilan A/S is now - 14th to 18th of March 2017- show casting innovative solutions at the ISH fair in Frankfurt.

Clean air and no contamination

07-02-2017 | Unique ventilation solutions for hospitals, laboratories and clean and clinical environments.

A successful year for Nilan

12-01-2017 | It has been a year where we achieved the best fiscal result in the history of Nilan. Such a result makes it possible for us to invest in the future of the company.

Cold air in the summer and heated air in the winter

19-12-2016 | Combi Polar gives you ventilation plus comfort heating and cooling. This means that you during the summer can cool your home and heat it during the winter.

Nilan A/S is expanding production in Denmark

04-11-2016 | We are expanding production facilities and we are also getting a new Design & Development Centre.

New touch of fresh air

05-10-2016 | We have designed a new user friendly touch panel where it is possible to control Compact P ventilation and heat pump.

Nilan awarded Klimahaus certifications

05-02-2016 | Nilan products were awarded the coveted CasaClima Quality.

Nilan at Klimahouse Congress

01-02-2016 | The Italian Nilan partner EXRG SRL is show casting Nilan products at the Klimahouse Congress in Bolzano, Italy

Nilan introduces a new residential ventilation unit with an energy label certification of A+

15-01-2016 | Comfort 252 Top meets present and future demands for low energy consumption and costs.

Energy labelling of heating pumps and ventilation systems

22-09-2015 | New requirements for energy labelling of heating pumps and ventilation systems. Please see the information on the upcoming requirements and their significance.

PHI-certified ventilation unit with heat recovery ensures easier planning

27-06-2014 | Nilan has just achieved the internationally recognised passive house certification for the Comfort CT150 ventilation unit. This certification is vitally important for passive house producers, since it enables them to use the unit in buildings without more detailed calculations and documentation being required. This eases the planning process and also ensures the unit's efficiency.

Optimised 3-kW geothermal heat pump for Compact P

29-04-2014 | We have further developed our 3-kW geothermal heat pump that is integrated in the Compact P unit, and we can now present the latest member of the Compact P family – Compact P GEO 3.

To extend our popular Comfort series, we are launching a new space-saving model – Comfort CT150.

02-10-2013 | On October 1st Nilan launched a new member of our popular Comfort series. Comfort CT150 is an energy-efficient ventilation and heat recovery system in a compact design. This system is ideal for use in new and refurbished apartments, summer cottages and terraced houses, where the space is limited.

New passive-house certified Comfort system sees the light of day

19-03-2013 | Nilan is launching a new member of our popular Comfort series. The new and latest addition, Comfort CT300, has been passive houses certified and does already meet the coming 2020 requirements.

Nilan scores a hat trick in international energy competition

04-10-2012 | Nilan A/S, has, as part of the French Team Rhône Alpes, won the international competition for energy-efficient construction, Solar Decathlon 2012, which was recently held in Madrid. The triumph is Nilan’s third after also having been on the winning team in Solar Decathlon in 2007 and 2009.

Modbus communication becomes standard feature of the VPM 120-560 range

26-09-2012 | The VPM 120-560 range now comes standard with the CTS 602 control which allows for Modbus communication.

Certified passive house in Ireland proves its worth

29-08-2012 | 12 months’ worth of performance data of a certified passive house in Ireland prove that the building by far lives up to the calculations that earned it the coveted certification.

Three Nilan solutions on their way to international construction competition

29-08-2012 | This year’s Solar Decathlon, an international university competition in low-energy construction, is attended by no less than three teams who have turned to Nilan for an indoor climate solution solution that will send them well on the way towards victory.

New total solution offers wide span in heating capacity

01-06-2012 | The new Compact P GEO is an extremely energy-efficient total solution that meets various and not least varying needs, all year round, thanks to its 6 kW ground source heat pump with a variable speed compressor.

Energy efficiency of passive house exceeds all expectations

01-05-2012 | Two years’ monitoring of the performance of a certified passive house proves the building to be far more energy efficient than expected. An all-in-one ventilation and heating system from Nilan constitutes a vital parameter in the exceptional results, as it provides ventilation with heat recovery for space and sanitary hot water heating consuming very little energy.

Nilan solution throws out humidity and mould of renovated buildings

01-05-2012 | When the housing association Domea started a renovation project of 112 apartments, it chose to combat a humid indoor climate, which has led to severe mould problems, with Nilan’s ventilation solution Comfort 300 Top.

New Comfort model combines two solutions in one

01-05-2012 | Today sees the launch of a new and enhanced version of one of our most popular products, Comfort 300, as we have combined our left and right models in one, thus eliminating complicated installations and facilitating maintenance.

Compact P a key ingredient in pioneering passive house training program

30-04-2012 | The energy efficiency and comfort building standard ‘passive house’ is gaining an increasingly strong foothold in the construction industry. The most recent step is the establishment of the world’s first passive house training courses, which places emphasis on hands-on training evolving around Nilans Compact P solution, among others.

Nilan solution makes UK government’s list of energy efficient products

02-03-2012 | The ventilation and heat recovery solution Comfort 300 Top has been recognised on the official list of products complying with UK building regulations. The inclusion to the list proves the high energy efficiency of the solution as tested by the organisation behind the list.

Nilan-Garona partnership results in first-of-its-kind indoor climate solution

13-02-2012 | Nilan has developed a cutting-edge ventilation and heat recovery system in collaboration with one of the largest constructors of low-energy houses in France, Groupe Garona. The assignment was an alternative approach to the use of underground pipes to preheat and cool air. The solution was a customised model of Nilan’s total solution Compact P.

Large Slovenian house builder chooses Compact P UVP for its first passive house

17-01-2012 | A large Slovenian manufacturer of timber prefabricated houses has chosen the Nilan Compact P UVP as the heart and lungs of its first ever passive house. The order is proof of Nilan gaining a strong foothold in yet another market and the great potential of the Compact P range of total solutions.

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